The Globe rests on three pillars: Inform, Connect, Ownership. These pillars in turn depend on the possibility to work together with other parties. We wish to offer a platform in which knowledge is clear and complete but moreover, where we allow users to include privately owned knowledge as well as offer knowledge from other sources. To accomplish this, we hope to work closely together with other parties.

  • Academic Journal Publisher: There are a large number of academic articles that do not find their way out of the academic, press or research circles. This is a shame, as many of these articles are well researched, quality papers that are accessible for a larger public and offer insight into the details of a certain subject. We wish to connect daily news readers to these articles. To do this, we hope to find a mutually beneficial relationship with these publishers. If you are a publisher of academic material (in any form possible), and you wish to work together with us, please let us know and send us a message at .
  • Concretely we would like to the permission to introduce academic material to our users (books, articles, reports) on The Globe platform. Considering this is a selling point of The Globe, it is a subject we would rather discuss in detail with the publishers. For this reason, we try to get in touch with multiple publishers of academic material and introduce the concept directly to them. If you wish to get in touch with us to know more, please do.

  • Universities: The Globe has very strong ties to the academic world. It is through thesis writing, and the appreciation of knowledge, methodology and research that The Globe has become what it is. In a sense, The Globe will be the ideal platform for students doing research, but what is ideal for these students who collect knowledge on a certain topic is in turn ideal for anyone else. To work hard on developing an application that appreciates the integrity of knowledge, we wish to work together with professors and universities in developing this application. If you are a university or academic institution (at any corner of The Globe), and you wish to work together with us, please let us know and send us a message at .
  • Research Institutes: Working with research institutes does not go without controversy. Also known as think tanks, research institutes are often politicised in order to advocate a certain point of view. Advocacy groups seems misplaced to work with a journalistic initiative that strives for a new level of objectivity and neutrality. That being said, The Globe has a set of ideals such as the pursuit of knowledge, objectivity, neutrality but also pacifist, ecological, and seeking to give full access to knowledge. As such, an institute such as Carnegie Endowment for International Peace or the Centre of East Asian Studies are parties with which we could work together. If you are a research institute (of any kind), and you wish to work together with us, please let us know and send us a message at at .
  • Non Profit Journalistic organisations: another important group that we wish to work together with are Non Profit Journalistic organisations such as the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Global Witness, ProPublica, European Investigative Journalism, and so on. While discussing the future of Journalism, we argued that it makes little sense to keep adding to the army of journalists in already heavily covered subjects. If you are such a journalistic entity (any kind of journalistic organisation really), and you wish to work together with us, please let us know and send us a message at .

    Concretely we would like to the permission to republish articles. The Globe offers an integrated platform, developed around the concept to direct users to multiple channels of information on the consulted topic. One of these channels is articles published by non-profit newsrooms. We would like to offer these articles in the frame of The Globe (in the application). How we would work together is something we would love to find out together with you.

  • Non-Governmental organisations: NGO’s come in many shapes and sizes. Some of those make it their purpose to collect data. We wish to work together with NGO’s, from those, mapping corruption, giving medical aid in war zones, supplying food, to those aiding the homeless, ensuring journalistic freedom, collecting data on global warming or fighting for the children of this world. They supply the world with valuable data, and we wish to bring it to our users. If you are an NGO wishing to work with us, please let us know and send us a message at .
  • If we already got in touch with each other, we would like to invite you to log in to our website to find more indepth information about our Start-up: