Endorsing The Globe

The Globe, the pursuit of unbiased and honest journalism

The origins of The Globe lie in a desire to inform and give clarity to the global news. As mentioned in other parts of this website, the Globe was founded in an academic tradition. Research, objective analysis, facts and a critical eye are important for us. It is for this reason that endorsement from institutions that seek the same kind of neutral and unbiased scrutiny is valuable to us. Their recognition gives us credibility as a project which seeks to deliver quality news with efforts to reduce bias and give an honest overview.

The Globe is not a non-profit organisation. We seek a return on our activities, with the aim in increasing the quality of our reporting, enlarging the application and giving room for an ever expanding globe of information, articles, knowledge and news. But nonetheless, our principal aim is to be recognised for our contribution to bringing academic quality to mainstream reporting on global topics and for this we seek endorsement by those organisations pursuing the same goals as us.

We will be glad to explain to you in detail how we aim to achieve these ambitious goals. Please shoot us a message at contact@theglobe.press if our project has caught your interest and you wish to endorse us.