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The Globe will be a new journalistic medium. We found the company in a shared frustration with current newsmedia being obtuse, unclear, subjective, incomplete, uncritical, sided and with no effort to inform users beyond their own material

Our aim is to provide a complete overview of information: factual, clear, complete and intuitive . Moreover, we wish to connect our users to the immense amount of academic material out there, such as articles, documentaries, reports, researches, and so on . Above this, each user has their own interests, and wishes to organise the news in their own way. For this, we aim to make The Globe into an application with which you can organise your own data web of journalistic news, your own cockpit of the news and information .

Is The Globe a project you wish to be part of? Does the mission of honest, objective and complete journalism inspire you? Why not become part of The Globe community. You can choose to be kept up to date curious , or if you feel like us that this is the future of journalism, you can pledge yourself to become an early adopter , which implies no commitment, only interests. If you actively want to help us as a research group, you can become a research subject . We will then send you a few surveys on how you perceive the news and what your opinion is on different aspects of journalism. However, if you believe that this project deserves a lot more than simply being a test subject, you can become a Globe Ambassador . You will become a volunteer from your location to spread the word about our project. When the times comes there to market The Globe, we will turn to you, our Ambassador. In case you want to become professionally involved in The Globe, we invite you to send us an email at

The Globe grew from the frustrations of thesis writing. Collecting data, analysing reports and articles, comparing claims and counterclaims with no complete overview off the facts. It seemed such an easy thing to do. The facts were there, why did it seem such an unsurmountable job to present this information in an easy to grasp fashion, while respecting the complexity of the conflict. The thesis got written, and while being written, a concept grew.

The main purpose was to inform and give clarity to global news. Information had to be easy to consult while respecting the complexity of the subject. In short: an overview with all the complexities included.

the second purpose was for this information to be neutral and objective. Whether it be short reports, or longreads, there always seems to creep in a position on the conflict. By giving an overview of the facts, we hope to avoid as best as we could to any subjectivity in our reporting.

Closely related to the two previous aims was also our aim to be complete. We wish to reach a situation in which all information on a specific subject is easily retrievable and there is it is relevant to the subject

Clarity, objective, neutral and complete information is our first objective. However, there is a treasure of academic material out there, as well as documentaries, reports and other material. We aim to connect our users with that material, or allow our users to connect other users to material that we didn’t know existed.

our motivation grew from a dissatisfaction with the current media. We felt they were neither objective, neutral or complete. Information was painfully absent, no effort was done to present the full picture and each article you read struck as being one sided.

The Globe stands for informing, true and objective, complete and clear, with a user base that has unashamedly curious of the world around them. Do you recognise yourself in those words? Do you get frustrated with current newsmedia? Do you feel there is always more to know? Do you want to become part of the community to create a better more honest more complete news medium? Then join our community